When it comes to delivering learning or an important message or getting a team to change a behaviour, I like to do things different! Creating long lasting memories and change in behaviour require extraordinary events. To create such events using technology, requires a sound understanding of market availability and implementation techniques into existing business. It requires a cutting edge approach to emerging and existing technolgies and how they play together.

Pit-stop Challenge

What is Pit-stop Challenge? This highly challenging day created to train any subject with a difference.

Held at either Williams F1, Lotus F1 or your premises. The day involves a highly experiential event like no other. Using a real Formula1 car from one of the manufacturer collections or a classic Formula1 car available to us, your team will learn and experience the whole process of being a pit crew. Imagine between you being able to change all four wheels and tyres in just a few seconds. Follow this with a detailed learning event an exciting and extraordinary day never fogotten.

Call me and discuss how this event can be used in one of your training events to heighten the experience and lock in the learning that follows.

Ultimate Learning Strategy

A strategy day with a difference. Get your strategy on track in one extraordinary session.

Using high technology and strategic gaming with motor racing as a theme, this day will give your strategy developers the opportunity to consider and build a strategy, plus the ability to try it out against other similar teams.

I believe this is the only strategy development day, that not only steps though the method of building a strategy, but allows you to test the strategy you have developed, dissect it and understand the results all in one day.

Tin Can, xapi to the rest of us!

It's the new kid on the block. The latest and greatest tracking system that will give you analytics not metrics for your learning results.

Don't get drawn into buying a new LRS to replace your LMS before you speak to me. I have been delivering online tutorials and extraordinary session in person on how to implement Tin Can to your organisation.

Let me introduce you to seven questions you need to have to implement Tin Can, and the Seven 'V's of Big Data.

I have been on the bleeding edge of this technology since before it was first released to the world in 2012. Let me show it working in your hand today.

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Confused by learning technology?

Been to a conference, or many, met hundreds of potential vendors and got lost in the swamp of acronyms, sales brochures and sexy salesman talk?

Will you end up with what you need or the right product for your development? The answer is possibly, but is it the best to suit your organsation?

Looking for some great advice either before a show, during a show or after a show? I can help you unravel the confusion. From a telephone conversation to a meeting to even walking the show floor with you, I am able to answer those technical questions you have and get those important questions answered.

In that place now following the few shows of the last few weeks? Pick up the phone and let's chat.  0208 227 9064


Last years buzzwords are often the ones you should be considering now if you have not already done so.

Social has been the 'in' buzzword for a while along with informal learning and rapid development. Not sure how to get it going? Can't get adoption in your organisation? Did it start well but has lost it's shine?

Have you moved your focus onto 'mobile', not sure which platform? Native or WebApp? IS the new BlackBerry to be considered?

Need help to revamp, relaunch, get buy in from all concerned? Let me discover what bests suits your organisation and work with you to make it an important part of everyone’s day.

everything else

So you have not seen exactly what you are after. Maybe you had an idea but can't get it off the ground. Seen a technology but have no clue how it will integrate to your organisation?

Got a vision for a training program but just don't know what to do next?

Looking to change the style of learning? Make compliance a fun thing to do? Introduce games technology or video to your existing learning?

Want to convert your existing materials to write to Tin Can or create something entirely new to deliver to those new shiny iPads?

I am only a phone call away. First visit is free, what can you do wrong?

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