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To create long lasting memories and change behaviours, you need to create something extraordinary.

The technology minefield is hard to cross on your own. Too many experts ready to sell you exactly what they will say you need.

I am many things; Learning Technologist, e-Learning Consultant, xAPI (Tin Can) and LMS Specialist, Developer & Trainer. I am a new media professional with over 20 years of experience. I bring it all together: technology, people and content. If you need to know how emerging technology and emerging standards will affect your business during the coming year, call me today and I can unravel it for you.

Sound Advice

Advice in the learning industry comes in two forms. Those who offer advice so you will buy their products and those who work with you to provide a winning outcome.

I offer sound advice and roll my sleeves up and pitch in. I break every rule where possible to test and ensure your success.

I am independent and have been involved in every aspect of the technology learning industry for 20 years. I have been working with technology in industry since 1977.

I have a reputation in the industry second to none, check for yourself and read my testimonials and search the web.

Call me today, I will come to you and give you an initial consultation and this will cost you nothing. If I do not think I can provide what you need, I will be very clear and tell you so.


I will Tell it as I see it...

By now you you probably guessed I am not your average, high-brow, country-club consultant. I am a tech-savy consultant with knowledge of the learning industry from the struggling to the bleeding edges.

I am often the person people call when they realise the Big Boy consultants:

…have never actually delivered a learning environment

...cannot grasp the impact of emerging technology on YOUR organisation

…don’t know how to run a workshop, VLE or classroom but want to tell you how to create your eLearning

…are filled with inexperienced graduates straight out of school with great knowledge of the gaming market but not of organisational learning

…charge outrageous fees so they can inundate you with sales patter of their next product

…are killing trees so they can write reports whose sole purpose is hooking you in

…care more about their image than they do your business

…screwed up big time

I don't keep up with the Jones's, I am the Jones's.

This is why I succeed. I am a leader, not a follower, and I don't pretend there are 50 of us, It's just me.


Coaching and mentoring

One on One coaching does not have to be the boring sit in a room and talk model. Hell no, if you want to come away from a coaching session enthused, ready to take on the world, excited by how you can use what you already know, then call me and we can discuss how together we can make this happen in a way you are going to love. Technology coaching or eLearning mentoring I will organise you a set of one-hour or half day sessions to meet your needs.

Maybe it's your team that needs to work better together? Conversation in organisations is the biggest fall down with the advent of technology in the workplace. Take your team on a journey with a difference and see the results.

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High Impact Learning Consultant

  • Emerging Technology Consulting
  • xAPI (Tin Can) Implementation
  • eLearning
  • mLearning
  • Technology Strategy
  • Learning Management
  • Designing for the LRS
  • Conversational Learning
  • Social Learning

Hear me speak at one of the following events:

Learning World Singapore
ASTD Atlanta
Learning Solutions Orlando
mLearnCon San Jose

What they say...Testimonials

Jeff Tillett.

Neil is one of the sharpest guys I have met. I am constantly inspired by his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Beyond ideas Neil has real solutions to real issues organizations have everyday. I have put Neil on my list of smart people to call when I need advice you should too.

Brandon Carson. Yahoo

Neil is a creative ball of energy when it comes to organizational development and workplace performance. His passion is contagious, and he never fails to excite, intrigue and add insight.

Alan Bellinger. Learning and Performance Institute

When you meet someone with a significant public profile, there is a danger that they will not come up to your expectations. In my experience, there is ZERO probability of that with Neil; his real persona is even stronger than his public image. Genuine, realistic, innovative, trustworthy, and inspirational are five adjectives that, to my mind, capture his personality and approach.

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